Lobbying between the different political camps to elect a new prime minister continues with two major camps now emerging.

One of the camps is at the Heritage Park Hotel, made up largely of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party. The other camp is a merger of the Honiara Hotel, Mendana and Pacific Casino camps which consists of the Direct Democratic Party, the Independent Democratic Party, OUR Party and the Reform Democratic Party.

The Heritage Park Hotel group last week claimed the support of 30 members, although it is difficult to verify these claims. The other group claims to have well over 35 members, and have promised to provide a signed list of its membership along with its policies soon.

According to some analysts, it appears that the Heritage Park Hotel group may be losing support as a grand coalition appears to be forming in the other camp.

Movement of members between the different political camps is very fluid - with some members showing support for more than one political group in the last few days.

The Governor General is expected to announce a meeting of Parliamentarians soon to elect the country's prime minister.