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The incomplete PNG Chancery Office in downtown Honiara.

PM Orders Investigation into PNG Chancery

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Peter Shanel Agovaka, instructing him to probe into the controversial PNG Chancery project.

Buala Communiqué Passes in Parliament

The Buala Communiqué of the 4th Premier's Conference has passed through parliament's committee of the whole house after one and a half days of debate.

Petition Case against Tran Postponed

Trial into the election petition case against West Honiara MP, Namson Tran has been postponed to a possible date next year.
Motion of No-confidence Withdrawn

Motion of No-confidence Withdrawn

The much anticipated motion of no confidence on Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has been withdrawn by the Opposition group.
Prime Minister Lilo says that his government is intact and eager to continue with NCRA's vision of advancing rural development.

PM Lilo Adjourns Parliament

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has adjourned Parliament until Friday saying his newly appointed Cabinet members needs time to settle into their Ministries.

No Confidence Motion Proceeds

It has been confirmed by the National Parliament that the no confidence motion against Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo will be tabled in Parliament on Friday.
The Police boss warns members of the public to stay away from involving in criminal activity or disorder during the pending no confidence motion.

Police Mount Top Security Operation

The Acting Police Commissioner, Walter Kola, has announced a stronger security operation for the capital as Parliament reconvenes today morning.

Majority in Province Support NCRA

As the motion of no confidence looms, a majority of Solomon Islanders living in the provinces say they support the NCRA led government.
Mr. Hou says that the government is confident that it could deliver sound economic policies.

Hou Sworn in as Finance Minister

The Lilo led government has sworn in Member of Parliament for Small Malaita, Rick Hou, as the new Finance Minister. He was sworn in yesterday afternoon.
Prime Minister Lilo questions the motives of those behind the motion.

PM Lilo on Pending No Confidence Motion

Newly elected Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has welcomed the planned motion of no confidence saying that it is the opposition groups constitutional right.

Taiwan Should Stop Giving "Loose Cash"

A political watchdog group in Solomon Islands is urging Taiwan to stop giving what it calls loose cash to members of parliament as it is contributing to instability.

Opposition Calls for Calm

Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua, has called for calm amongst the public following the angry protests in Honiara over the outcome of the Prime Minister's election on Wednesday.
Sources close to the newly elected Lilo led government says the adjournment will also give time for the new Prime Minister to name his cabinet line up.

Parliament to Resume Next Wednesday

The National Parliament will reconvene next Wednesday, following adjournment yesterday.
Lilo was sworn in yesterday by the Governor General.

Lilo Sworn in Amidst Protests

Hon. Gordon Lilo Darcy was confirmed to have been sworn in yesterday as the country's new Prime Minister by the Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui.
Newly elected Prime Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo

New Prime Minister for Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has a new Prime Minister.

Political Watchdog Voices Concern

Political watchdog, Transparency Solomon Islands says Taiwan should seize providing what it calls loose cash to members of parliament.

Police Beefs Up Security in the Capital

The Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Walter Kola says police will not underestimate reports of threats to today's Prime Minister's elections.

Sogavare Refutes Claims

Hon. Sogavare, a candidate for today's Prime Minister Election, has dismissed claims that Australia's interests and RAMSI's work in Solomon Islands will be undermined if he comes to power.

Parliament Confirms Timing of Elections

The Solomon Islands office of the National Parliament have confirmed that today's Prime Ministerial election will be at 9.30am local time.
The Prime Ministerial Elections will be on schedule this morning as planned.

Support Remains Strong for Two Candidates

Hon. Gordon Lilo Darcy and Hon. Milner Tozaka now seem to be the top choice of both the Opposition and the Solomon Islands care taker government, the National Coalition for Reform and Advancement.

Liquor Ban Made Effective

The Solomon Islands Minister for Home Affairs, Hon. Maelanga has again gazetted a liqour and alcohol ban effective today to 8am Sunday, 20th of November.

Forum Refutes Claims

The Malaita Maasina Forum has dismissed a report that it supports the nomination of Gordon Darcy Lilo as one of the candidates for for Prime Minister.
Sogavare has been nominated, and stands a good chance of returning to the top job.

Six Candidates Nominated for PM

Six candidates have been nominated for the post of Prime Minister.
Former Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Danny Philip, resigns in response to call of people.

Prime Minister Danny Philip Resigns

Solomon Islands' Prime Minister, Danny Philip, has resigned ahead of a vote of no confidence.

Lilo Describes Dismissal as Unfair

The Solomon Islands former Finance Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo has described his dismissal by the Prime Minister as unfair.

Honiara Remains Calm Prior to Sitting

Honiara remains calm this morning as everyone braces to see the turn out of the Motion of No-Confidence against Hon. Danny Philip, the current Solomon Islands Prime Minister.
Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo was one of the two Ministers dismissed yesterday by the Prime Minister.

Philip Confident Despite Challenges

More political upheaval occurred yesterday as the Solomon Islands Government and the Opposition prepare for the Motion of No Confidence to be debated today.
The Prime Minister remains confident for tommorrow's Parliamentary debate on the No Confidence Motion.

Challenges Faced as Friday Looms

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip has revealed that he did not officially revoke the membership of seven backbenchers in the National Coalition for Rural Advancement government.

Temotu Premier Encourages Support to Government

The Premier of Temotu Province, Fr. Charles Brown Beu is calling on Temotu's three Parliamentarians to continue their support towards the current Solomon Islands government.

Parliamentarian Faces Petition Case

The High Court will deliver its judgement this week following the petition case against the Solomon Islands Member of Parliament for West Are'are, Hon. John Maneniaru.
The Motion of No Confidence will be brought for debate in Parliament this Friday.

Government Confident for Friday

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip and his government are confident of defeating the proposed Motion of No-Confidence this Friday in Parliament.

Discretionary Funds Questioned

The subject of the discretionary funds often raises questions to the Solomon Islands citizens, especially with regards to how it had been and should be administered.
Parliament will begin its meeting next Friday.

Change of Government will Not Affect Budget: Wale

Acting Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Mathew Wale, says any change of government would not cause any "major disruption to next year's national budget."
Mr. Sogavare says the Prime Minister does not necessarily have to have direct financial benefit from the payments to be guilty of benefiting from the projects.

No Need for Disclosure: Sogavare

A former Prime Minister has dismissed Prime Minister Danny Philip's call for disclosure of details of transactions made from discretionary funds for former Prime Ministers if they are serious about public scrutiny.

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