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Conspiracy Charges Dropped by DPP

Director of the Public Prosecution, Ronald Bei Talasasa, has dropped conspiracy charges against members of Parliament, Nelson Ne'e, Charles Dausabea and Honiara businessman, Alex Bartlett.

PPF Commander Refutes Allegations

The RAMSI Participating Police Force Commander, Denis McDermott, has refuted allegations leveled against the PPF in the manner in which they handled the April riots.

PAP to Decide on Motion Today

The Peoples Alliance Party, PAP will today hold a meeting to decide on the upcoming motion of no confidence on the Prime Minister.

SD Fund Closure Encourages Squatter Development

Failure by past Governments to allocate fund to the site development programme has encouraged the spread of squatter settlements currently experienced in Honiara.

Guadalcanal MPs Sticking with Government

Members of Parliament from Guadalcanal, currently in the current Sogavare led coalition, have brushed aside the ultimatum issued by Guadalcanal leaders during a forum held last week.

Poor Relations will Affect Airlines, says Huni'ehu

Opposition spokesman for Finance, Edward Huni'ehu, says that the current low in diplomatic relations with Australia will continue to have spill-over effects on the Solomon Airlines.

Oti on RAMSI and Government Policies

Foreign Affairs Minister, Patterson Oti, has reiterated the government's desire for RAMSI to co-operate with the government in the implementation of its policies and priorities.

Lilo Accuses Australia of Playing Dirty Politics

The Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, is calling on Australia to play fair when it comes to the granting of landing rights to the National Carrier, Solomon Airlines.

Western Province Premier Condemns Moti Appointment

The Premier of the Western Province, Alex Lokopio, has said that his province is still disappointed over the appointment of Julian Moti as Attorney General.

PM Sues a Leading Newspaper

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has released a press statement confirming that he has sued the Solomon Star for an article published in the daily paper's letters to the editor.

April Riots Enquiry Releases First Interim Report

The Chair of the Commission of enquiry into the April riots, Brian Brunton, announced the release of the first Interim Report yesterday.

Moti's Appointment may Trigger Aid Cutbacks

The Opposition Spokesman for Finance and Treasury and MP for East Are'are, Edward Huniehu, has warned the Sogavare government of likely repercussions to Julian Moti's appointment.

Australian High Commission Office Denies Travel Ban

The Australian High Commission in Honiara denies reports of an imposed visa restriction on Solomon Islands Parliamentarians from traveling to or via Australia.

Australian High Commission Office Clarifies Letter

The Australian High Commission Office in Honiara has denied media reports of a second open letter supposedly sent to the media by Alexander Downer.

Sogavare Condemns Downer's Open Letter

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has condemned the Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer for choosing to write a second open letter to the Solomon Islands public through the media.

We Support Rearmament, says Temotu Premier

While criticisms and protests mount against the government's plan to rearm the police, Temotu Provincial Premier, Johnson Levela, has openly supported government's rearmament plans.

Teachers to Consider Government's Offer

Teachers will meet to consider options given by the government in a recent meeting over the weekend.

Hewagama Yet to Challenge Sacking

Sacked legal draftsman, Ranjit Hewagama, is yet to give any instruction to his lawyer to challenge his termination in court.

We Will Not Retaliate, says PM Sogavare

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has made it clear that he has no intentions of retaliating to Australia's decision to ban Ministers of his government to travel to Australia.

Dr Roughan Clarifies Parliament Meeting Postponement

The Prime Minister has postponed the Parliament meeting scheduled to start this Thursday. The meeting has now been rescheduled to start on the 7th of August.

Parliament Meeting Delayed

The Parliament session scheduled for this Thursday has been postponed by the government to ensure that the resumption of Parliament is made by the right authority.

Governor General Ill-Advised: Opposition

The Parliamentary Opposition says the Governor General has been ill-advised and thus belittling his status and that of the Government House.

Deputy Solicitor General Resigns in Protest

The Solomon Islands Deputy Solicitor General, Francis Waleanisia, has resigned in protest to government's unwavering push in installing Moti as Attorney General.

Appointment of Moti Disappointing: Dr Kabutaulaka

Solomon Islands academic, Dr Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka, stated that the government's decision to formally appoint Julian Moti as Attorney General is disappointing.

Government Suspends RIPEL's License

The business operation license of Russell Islands Plantations Estate Limited, RIPEL, has been suspended by Government.

Sogavare Defends Rearmament Plans

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has defended his plans to re-arm certain units within the Solomon Islands Police.

Motion of No Confidence Moved Against Sogavare

A member of the Parliamentary Opposition has confirmed on the National Radio that the Opposition is planning to move a motion of no confidence against the PM.

Opposition Group Condemns Moti Appointment

The opposition group has condemned the recent appointment of Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as the new Attorney General.

Joe Porowai is now the new Ombudsman

The Country now has a new Ombudsman. Mr. Joe Porowai was selected and recommended for appointment as the Ombudsman on the advice of the Chairman of the Ombudsman Appointment Committee.

We Will Not Give Up: Civil Society

The Attorney General, Julian Moti, told civil society to stop wasting any more dollars on keeping him from doing what he is supposed to do.

Guadalcanal Premier Speaks Out Against Government

Guadalcanal Provincial Premier has made it clear that he does not support the national government's appointment of various people and the planned re-armament of certain police sections.

Civil Society Holds Seminar Today Without PM

The planned civil society seminar will be held this morning but without the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, who has turned down the invitation.

Justice Will Prevail, Says Julian Moti

Newly appointed Attorney General of Solomon Islands, Julian Moti QC CSI, stated that those responsible for the ordeal he had gone through will be made known in due course.

Moti Officially Sworn in as Solomon Islands AG

The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has ended months of speculation today with the official swearing in of Julian Moti as the country's attorney general.

Moti's High Court Challenge Still with the Courts

The High Court Challenge by Julian Moti QC over the legality of his suspension by the Public Service Commission is still before the courts.

Civil Society Alliance to Meet Tomorrow

The seminar organised by the Civil Society group for this Wednesday will go ahead as planned but the event depends on the response to the Group's invitation.

PM to Re-instate Moti as Attorney General Today

The Prime Minister's Office has confirmed that arrangements are being made to have Julian Moti sworn in as Attorney General despite the suspension imposed by the Public Service Commission.

Local Laws Must be Protected, says PM

Upholding the laws of Solomon Islands is a commitment by the government for the country, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said in his speech at the country's 29th independence anniversary.

42 Months Jail Sentence for a Former PM

A former Prime Minister, who is also the former Premier of Guadalcanal Province, has been sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment.

Cabinet Not Consulted in Sacking, Sources Revealed

It has been revealed that the Prime Minister did not consult Cabinet over his decision to order the sacking of the country's legal draftsman, Ranjit Hewagama.

Civil Society Alliance to Hold Urgent Seminar

Solomon Islands Civil Society Groups are planning to hold an urgent seminar to discuss matters of concern including the planned appointment of Julian Moti.

RAMSI Facilitation Act May Undergo Amendments, says PM

The government's proposed amendments to the Facilitation Act may come about much sooner than anticipated.

Lawyers Speculate that Sacking may Relate to Moti

Members of the legal fraternity believe that Mr. Ranjit's reported sacking and the raid on his office last week are connected to the suspended Attorney General Julian Moti.


Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has ordered the immediate sacking of the country's Legal Draftsman and President of the Solomon Islands Bar Association, Ranjit Hewagama.

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