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He says that Sogavare is at the mercy of those that put him in power, and many come with big requests and expectations, which are often driven by those that fund them during elections.

Can We Take Sogavare For His Words?

Do not trust all assurances that Sogavare utters because they are mere media publicity stunts.
US’s core concern is China establishing a military base in Solomon Islands, this will have regional security implications.

Government Says Talks with US a Success

Solomon Islands Prime Minister the Honourable Manasseh Sogavare warmly welcomed US National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo –Pacific, Kurt Campbell to Solomon Islands following a friendly and productive meeting on 22 Friday April, 2022.
He said through the deal with China, Prime Minister Sogavare has placed Solomon Islands in the center of the geopolitical struggle in the Indo-Pacific.

US Says a China Military Base Will Cross the Red Line

Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale says Solomon Islands should seriously heed US advice not to cross the redline.
The security treaty included the potential deployment of Chinese security forces to maintain “social order” in response to requests from the government of the Solomons, raising concerns from US and its allies.

US Delegation Lands in Honiara

A US delegation led by Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs Daniel Kritenbrink, and the National Security Council’s (NSC) Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell has landed in Honiara.
"This agreement is likely to have an impact on the overall region's security, so we are watching it with concern," Hirokazu Matsuno told a news conference.

Japan Cabinet Secretary Says Solomon Islands-China Pact May Impact Region

China's security agreement with the Solomon Islands may affect security for the region and is a probable topic for discussions between the leaders of Japan and New Zealand, Japan's chief cabinet secretary said.
She says members of the Press are not the enemy and should not be treated as such either. She says journalists are doing their jobs just like any other profession.

MASI Call on Police to Respect Work of Journalists

The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) is calling on the Police to respect journalists and members of the Press when carrying out their work in a public space.
In 2019 Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare held high-level talks in China during the first ever official visit to the country after his government decided to switch recognition to China.

Solomon Islands and China Signs Security Cooperation Agreement

China said it has signed the inter-governmental framework agreement on security cooperation this week with Solomon Islands.
This was announced by the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Harry Kuma when tabling the $5.5 billion 2022 Appropriation Bill in Parliament for its Second Reading Thursday last week.

SBD$200M Approved for Businesses Affected By Riots

The Government has approved a $200 million reconstruction and rehabilitation package over a period of two years to assist businesses affected by the November 2021 riots.
"Australia’s commitment to working with Solomon Islands on its security needs is to do so swiftly, transparently and with full respect for its sovereignty."

Australia Has Asked Sogavare to Consider Not Signing the Draft Security Agreement With China

Australia's Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Zed Seselja, has asked Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to consider not signing the Draft Security Agreement with China.
The Government confirmed that China’s Embassy Security Personnel have not entered the country and no arms have been shipped.

Government Clarifies Leaked Correspondence From China Embassy

The request by the Chinese Embassy in Honiara to the Solomon Islands Government to allow diplomatic Chinese security personnel to protect the Embassy during the November 2021 riots was considered and held in abeyance by the Government.
"Australia will continue to be a transparent and respectful partner," Seselja wrote on Twitter after arriving at Honiara's airport.

Australian Minister Arrives in Honiara For Talks

An Australian government minister arrived in the Solomon Islands on Wednesday for talks on a proposed security agreement between the Pacific islands nation and China that Australia opposes.
The government has responded to the leaked document through a media release, stating that the document is fake and responsible authorities will provide a response soon.

Another Week, Another Leak

Another government document has been leaked to social media by a group calling themselves Public Servants for Transparency.
The Opposition Leader said at no time was the Prime Minister given the mandate by the people to establish this clandestine military treaty.

Security Treaty is PM's Personal Deal With PRC: Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale says the China military treaty is a personal deal between Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and the PRC, and not about Solomon Islands and PRC.
President Joe Biden is set to send National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific Kurt Campbell to the Solomon Islands.

President Joe Biden to Send Diplomat to the Solomon Islands Following Security Pact With China

US President Joe Biden is set to send Kurt Campbell, the National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, to the Solomon Islands.
The call from the police was made following claims surfacing in the media that there is a secret plot to assassinate Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Police Calls for Responsible Media Reporting After Article on Plot to Assassinate PM

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is encouraging the media to report with a sense of responsibility, particularly when reporting on matters that may cause fear among the general public.
Opposition Leader Hon Wale, Premier Sikilabu and members of the Isabel provincial government.

Premier Sikilabu Speaks Highly of Opposition Leader's Watchdog Role

The new Isabel Premier Hon Rhoda Sikilabu has spoken highly of the important watchdog role played by the Opposition Leader.
PM, Foreign Affairs Minister, Police Minister with Special envoy and Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands.

Positive Outcome to Dialogue Between PM and Australian Envoy

Solomon Islands and Australia reaffirmed mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty and agreed to work together as close friends.
"We are not in normal times. If we decide to ignore the regulations then we will face the consequences."

13 Citizens Charged For Illegal Border Crossing

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at Gizo and Noro Police Station in the Western Province have charged 13 defendants out of the 17 who cross the Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Solomon Islands (SI) border to Buin last month.
“There’s still a way ahead. But every time a secret security event comes to light, it’s a concern,” he told ABC in Washington DC during an event with foreign journalists.

Top US Admiral Raises Concerns Over Potential Security Pact Between Solomon Islands and China

A top US admiral has criticized a potential security pact between China and the Solomon Islands, describing it as a “secret” scheme that worries the United States and its partners.
‘One more COVID-19 related death recorded in the past 48 hours bringing the total COVID-19 related deaths to 134’, stated Dr. Togamana.

Total COVID-19 Case Count 11,856 and 236 Additional Cases in Past 72 Hours

‘Total COVID-19 case count for Solomon Islands is now at 11,856, 236 additional cases recorded in the past 72 hours’, this was stated by the Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana, Minister for Health and Medical Services.
The Prime Minister also paid tribute to the Pacific family led by Australia and New Zealand who have helped to restore peace, security and economic wellbeing of the country during the darkest days of the nation.

We Will Never Host Any Military Base: Sogavare

In his national address of late, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare assured the citizens of this country that Solomon Islands will never be used as a military base or other military institutions by any foreign country now or in the future.
He encouraged his social media rivals to unite against those that are trying to destabilise the unity of Solomon Islands “rather than being brain-washed to promote the interest of outside forces during these trying times.”

Minister Veke Stands by Comments Made on Social Media

Police Minister Anthony Veke says he stands by his social media comments in relation to a post carrying a letter by the President of the Federated State of Micronesia (FSM) to Solomon Islands Prime Minister asking the Solomon Islands Government to withdraw its security deal with China.
Chinese Ambassador H.E. LI Ming and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Mr. Colin Beck have initialed the Framework Agreement Between the Government of the PRC and the Government of Solomon Islands on security cooperation.

Broadening Security Partnership Necessary For Internal Peace: Government

The Solomon Islands government’s intention to broaden its security cooperation with willing partners is necessary to sustain its internal peace and stability.
Anthony Veke is the Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services.

“Worry About Your Atoll,” Minister Veke’s Shameful Comment on Social Media

Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale has described sarcastic climate change comments by a government minister on social media as insensitive and shameful.
The national government stated that the Bill came about due to issues raised by the Opposition Group, one of which is the unnecessary involvement of the Governor General in declaring the State of Emergency.

Government Urges BLC to Hasten its Report on the Public Health Emergency Bill 2021

The national government is urging the Bills and Legislation Committee (BLC) to quickly come up with its report on the Public Health Emergency Bill 2021.
The Chinese embassy in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Will The Public Have Access to The Security Treaty with China After Signing?

The security treaty with China has been initialed by senior representatives, the first step towards actual signing of the agreement. It is not clear whether there were changes made to the draft that was leaked publicly.
“If it wasn’t for the leak document, the security treaty would be kept a secret from citizens of this country. It is even surprising how the security deal was quick to be signed after it was leaked last week. Why is this even a priority issue?” he questioned.

Security Treaty with China Hatched Secretly, Says Former Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Small Malaita Hon Rick Houenipwela says the security treaty with China was supposed to be a secretly orchestrated deal.

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