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Guadalcanal Provincial Government to Hold Talks with Illegal Settlers

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government is embarking on a series of consultative talks with 'illegal' settlers in the province in an effort to resolve land issues facing the province and its people.
The North Malaita MP was reportedly re-appointed as Fisheries Minister but Governor General Sir Frank Kabui had refused to facilitate the appointment by oath.

Government House Defends Decision

The Government House has defended the Governor General's decision to refuse the appointment of North Malaita MP, Jimmy Lusibaea, as a Cabinet Minister saying any action by the Governor General on the matter could be regarded as contempt of court.

Governor General Attends Royal Wedding

The Governor General Sir Frank Kabui and Lady Kabui have arrived in England, on the invitation of the Commonwealth's Royal Family, to attend the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton this weekend.
Australian High Commissioner, Frank Ingruber, said that "the Anzacs set standards that have inspired their countrymen for generations."

Anzac Day Honoured in Solomon Islands

Over 400 people from the local and expatriate communities gathered at The Cenotaph at dawn on Monday 25 April for the Anzac Day Service of Remembrance.
Hon. Walter Folatalu (centre) with participants of the Provincial Speakers and Clerks attachment in Honiara.

NCRA Government Commits to Train Provincial Leaders

The National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA) Government commits to offer further basic training for Provincial Account Committees and Provincial Elected Leaders through the Provincial Governance Strengthening Program (PGSP).
PM Philip and Finance Minister with some of the MPs that were sworn in.

New Cabinet Ministers Sworn in

Prime Minister Danny Philip has appointed six new ministers to his cabinet.

SPC Confident Solomon Islands Will Successfully Host festival

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community's giving Solomon Islands its full support and commitment to help prepare for the hosting of next year's Pacific Arts Festival.

Plans to Review Provincial Government Act Begin

The Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (PGIS) has announced the intentions to review the Provincial Government Act.
AFP's alleged misconduct in its pursuit of Mr Moti, including extraordinary payments made to the family of the alleged victim, has been cited as one of the grounds on which his request was approved.

Moti Wins Right to Appeal to High Court

Australia's High Court has approved a request for leave by former Solomon Islands Attorney General, Julian Moti, to appeal a Queensland court ruling that allowed the rape trial against him to proceed.
Prime Minister Danny Philip now holds a huge majority, with at least 39 MPs.

Sikua's Planned Motion Dropped

The planned motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Danny Philip has been dropped.
He was expected to move the motion last Friday during the Private Members Motion but opted out at the last minute.

Faced With Petition Sikua Moves Ahead with Motion

Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua, wants to go ahead with his planned no-confidence motion today, despite having to answer to a petition lodged against him.

New EU Ambassador to Solomon Islands Presents Credentials

Newly appointed European Union Ambassador to Solomon Islands has presented his letter of credence to the Governor General His Excellency Sir Frank Kabui in Honiara yesterday.
Rick Hou is one of six Opposition MPs that have joined the Danny Philip led government.

Rick Hou Joins Government

Former Solomon Islands Central Bank Governor and the current Member of Parliament for Small Malaita, Rick Hou, is one of six Opposition MPs that have joined the Danny Philip led government.

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