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Former Parliamentarian Sentenced

The High Court has sentenced a former member of Parliament, John Kaliuae Maetia to three and a half years imprisonment for Official Corruption.
Sir Allan, says that his party plans to cut the number of Government Ministries and spend money on the Provinces

No Policy On RAMSI for PAP

The Solomon Islands former Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza says his party, the People's Alliance Party (PAP) has no policy on RAMSI.

Candidates Told to Keep Within $50,000 in Spending

The Electoral Commission has appealed to intending candidates of the upcoming 2010 General Elections to keep within the $50,000 dollars candidate expenditure limit.

Announcement by Electoral Commission Sufficient: Maezama

The Government House today said it is not a practice for the Governor General to announce the Proclamation of the election date on the radio.
Fono revealed that for 2010 a total of $600,000 dollars has been spent in each constituency which takes the figure up to $6.6 million dollars over four years.

Former Government MPs Received $6.6 Million Each: Fono

Caretaker deputy Prime Minister, Fred Fono, has confirmed that the Eighth Parliament has dished out close to $6.6 million dollars for each constituency.
Election date has been proclaimed by the Governor General as Wednesday 4 August 2010.

4th August 2010 Declared for National Elections

Despite the early unofficial announcement, yesterday's proclamation by the Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui, has begun the official timetable for the National General Election, starting with a two week nomination period for candidates.

GG to Announce Election Date Today

The Electoral Commission is expecting to talk to the media today about the upcoming elections.

We Understand the Risks: SIPRA

Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement, SIPRA, has launched its campaign platform for this year's national general election.
The Chief Electoral Officer said that the proclamation date, which will be done by the Governor General, marks the start of the official legal election timetable.

Candidates Be Ready With $2000: Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is advising intending candidates for the upcoming National General Election to prepare themselves for the opening of the nomination period.

Freak Boat Accident Kills Young Student

A young high school student died after he was slammed against Noro Warf by a berthing passenger vessel.
Sasako alleged Sir Trevor's candidacy never came before the awards and honours committee - that he was wrongly credited for the 10 bed arrangement at Saint Vincent hospital.

Sir Trevor Plans Criminal Libel Charges against Sasako

Solomon Islands' Honorary Consul-General in Sydney, Sir Trevor Garland says he plans to lay criminal libel charges against intending politician, Alfred Sasako.

New Party Promises Economic Centres

The Rural and Urban Political Party, RUPP, has promised to build a prosperous Solomon Islands with a healthy economy, dignity and well being for its citizens.
On the anti-RAMSI accusations, Mr Sogavare defended his party's concerns saying "they are legitimate concerns that any sovereign government could have."

Anti-RAMSI and Anti-Donor?

OUR Party President Manasseh Sogavare says accusations that the party is anti-aid donor and anti-RAMSI are ill-conceptions of its genuine concerns about aid money and the intervention mission.

Get Your Facts Right: Maelanga

The Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening has refuted accusations by the Malaita Ma'asina Forum that he led a delegation to discuss political independence with Malaita provincial leaders.

I am the Party Leader: Ulufa'alu

The Solomon Islands Liberal Party denies suggestions that the care-taker Prime Minister is their party leader.
Sogavare says OUR party has designed a policy aimed at attracting quality investors into the country's rural areas.

OUR Party Plans to Commit $36 Million to Economic Zones

OUR Party says it is committing $36 million dollars towards preparing areas within the country as Special Economic Zones.

Ashley Appeals World Cup Travel Ban

Honiara Lawyer Charles Ashley has appealed against a ruling by a Honiara Magistrate on his request to travel to South Africa for the World Cup.

Government Grants Transfer of former RAMSI Officer to Samoan Prison

A former RAMSI Participating Police Force officer, Misi Matamu, was transferred to a correctional centre in Samoa this week, to serve out his prison sentence in his homeland.

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