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Mr Sogavare says the party believes in a development strategy that centres on people, peace and economic prosperity.

OUR Party Promotes Policy in Malaita

Interim President of OUR Party and Opposition Leader, Manasseh Sogavare has assured the people of Malaita of his party's commitment to ensure economic prosperity for Solomon Islands.
Mr Ingruber said his country is doing this because the Australian Government and people are genuinely committed to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Australia, a True Friend to Solomon Islands: H.E Ingruber

The Australian High Commissioner to Honiara, H.E Frank Ingruber, says his country has shown itself to be a true friend to Solomon Islands, ready to assist in the important task of nation building.

He said the government would have loved to implement the new Federal Constitution for Solomon Islands during it administration but circumstances dictate otherwise.

Federalism No Longer Possible: PM

The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement government will not be able to implement the country's new Federal Constitution during its time in office due to shortage of funds.
Mr Haununu said that the revision period will begin with officials posting a draft voters' list in public places across the country and he called on people to be active and check this draft list.

Let's Stop Double Registration: Electoral Office

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, has called on all Solomon Islanders to play their part in making a voters' list that has integrity and avoids double registrations.
Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace, Sam Iduri, appealed to the media to cover TRC activities with the level of sensitivity required.

TRC Appeals for Sensitivity in News Reporting

The Government has again called for support towards the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, TRC.

New Parliament Seats Nonsense, Says Former Politician

A former Politician describes the Government's intention of amending the constitution to allow more seats for some constituencies as total nonsense.
"... we are moving in the direction of that vision": Sir Peter.

National Parliament Vision to Be Best in the Pacific: Sir Peter

The Speaker of the National Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, said the vision of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands is to be the best Parliament in the Pacific.
"[Party formation] is pure political interest for intending candidates to win ..." Dr. Roughan.

Party Formation Mockery: Roughan

The Director of Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT), Dr. John Roughan, describes the long time practice in the country of party formation prior to election as no basis to developing the nation.

Electoral Commission Engages in Massive Awareness Campaign

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, says the Electoral Commission's public awareness program is in full swing and aims to inform people about voter registration and the electoral process.

Solomon Islands Women Form Political Party

A new political party that will represent the views of Solomon Islands' women is in the making.

OUR Party to Launch Manifesto

The 2010 national elections fever is starting to gain momentum with yet another launching of a political party manifesto in Honiara this Sunday.
Mr Sasako says Mr Marshall should not have commented on the case until he publishes his final article on the issue.

Sasako Accuses Police Commissioner of Supporting DPP

Freelance journalist, Alfred Sasako has accused Police Commissioner Peter Marshall of making pre-mature comments in support of a move by the Director of Public Prosecution to close a potential manslaughter case.
Mr Sogavare says the issues behind the ethnic crisis were merely developmental in nature but unfortunately leaders and donors misinterpreted them and took no action to address them.

OUR Party Promises Change

Opposition Leader Manasseh Sogavare has assured the people of the of East Fataleka and West Kwara'ae in Malaita Province of OUR Party's commitment to addressing the political and development aspirations of Solomon Islanders.
Mr Dausabea says in the quest for transparency and accountability, the inquiry must focus on the behavior and actions of certain Government officials in the deportation of Mr Moti.

Former MP Calls for Inquiry into Deportation of Moti

Prime Minister Derek Sikua has been called on to set up a Commission of Inquiry to establish the truth regarding the deportation of former Attorney General, Julian Moti to Australia.

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