Politics Archive February 2009

No Political Interference in Law and Order: Sikua

Prime minister Dr. Derek Sikua has assured the Police and Justice Ministry that the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government will not interfere with their work.

Illegal Crossing in PNG - Solomon Islands Border

People residing in the Shortland Islands, bordering Papua New Guinea's Bougainville Islands, have raised grave concerns over increased border crossings by foreigners into Solomon Islands and vice versa.

Solomon Community in Fiji Wants to Return Home

A group of 28 families of Solomon Island decent want the Fiji Government to pay their passage to the land of their forefathers if they are forcibly evicted from the land that has been their home for over a century.

Fono Questions Authenticity of Malaita Independence Survey

Deputy Prime Minister and Central Kwara'ae MP, Hon. Fred Fono has expressed doubts about the authenticity and truthfulness of a survey conducted by the Malaita Maasina Forum to determine support for Malaita independence.

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