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Mr Sasako says the government is aware of and welcomes the opposition's intentions to table a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

PMO Prepares for March Sitting

The Office of the Prime Minister is fast tracking preparations for the meeting of parliament scheduled for March this year.

Will NCRA Continue with Fee Free Education?

It is uncertain whether the NCRA government will provide Fee Free Education grants to students this year as the previous Derek Sikua government did.

Kemakeza Sworn in as Minister

MP for Ngella, Mark Kemakeza, has been sworn-in as Minister for Mines of the National Coalition for Rural Advancement government.
"The Opposition cannot claim MPs of the Independent Group of Parliament as part of their group as there is no constitutional basis for this inclusion," said Mr Sasako.

Constitutional Crises Looms?

The Parliamentary Opposition group has announced in a recent media conference that "it will defeat the budget if the Prime Minister does not call for an early parliament meeting or refuses to resign."
Deputy Opposition Leader Matthew Wale says they may seek legal clarification if parliament is not recalled.

Solomon's Opposition Warns of Constitutional Crisis

The Solomon Islands opposition says the country could be plunged into a constitutional crisis if parliament is not recalled.
Tora's resignation means the Opposition now has 25 MPs, while the Government has 23 MPs.

Opposition Increases Number to 25

The Danny Philip led-government is facing a serious challenge from the Opposition group with the resignation of Police Minister James Tora.
The PM challenges the opposition to bring the issue "to the floor of parliament" during the March parliament meeting.

PM Claims 24 MPs

Prime Minister Danny Philip has revealed that his government is commanding the support of 24 members of parliament, which included Ngella MP, Mark Kemakeza, who was said to have revoked his own resignation on Saturday.

Opposition Group Calls for Resignation of PM

The Solomon Islands opposition is calling on the Prime Minister to resign, after four ministers left cabinet and joined the opposition.
The fundraising drive was attended by top political leaders and business houses in Honiara.

Fundraising Staged for Victims of Floods in Australia

A fundraising drive in aid of victims of the Queensland floods in Australia was successfully held at the Honiara Hotel Margarita Bar over the weekend.
Deputy Opposition Leader Matthew Wale says that the petition is purposely to see if the Prime Minister still has the numbers to remain in office.

Opposition to Lodge Petition to Governor General

The Opposition is expected to lodge the first of its petitions to the Governor General starting this week.
Mr Tegavota also emphasized that "this legal avenue for the release of prisoners has always been there and is open to every prisoner."

"Claims are Nonsense," Parole Board Chairman

The Chairman of the Correctional Services Parole Board has described criticisms from the opposition and public on its decision to release North Malaita Member of Parliament as nonsense, saying that the release of Mr Lusibaea was on license and in compliance with enacted Laws.

Opposition Welcomes Planned Defamation Case

The Opposition says it welcomes any defamation case from the Finance and Treasury Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo.
"If it is true that it is a constitutional oversight by the Authorities, then those affected and now serving prison terms in Rove must also be released."

Naezon Calls for "Fair and Equal Justice"

Provincial Member for Malango Ward in Central Guadalcanal, Walton Naezon, says that as a Guadalcanal leader he wants to see "fair and equal justice to all citizens."
"Mr Lusibaea had only used enacted laws of the country to ensure his early release from prison," said Mr Muaki.

Lusibaea Released, Opposition Uproar

Jailed North Malaita MP, Jimmy Lusibaea, was released from prison on Friday, causing uproar from the Opposition Group.

TSI: Minister Allowed Foreign Company to Profit from Illegal Act

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) has hit back at the Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, stating that the "matter of illegal harvesting and export of beche de mer is a criminal offence and must be dealt with accordingly."

Opposition Welcomes Investigations Into Beche-de-mer Exporter

The Opposition welcomes the announcement by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edmond Sikua that police have instigated investigation into the illegal exportation of beche-de-mer by Chinese businessman, Tongzi Zhang.

Malaita Province Elects New Premier

Members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly has elected a new Premier to lead the Provincial executive and the people of Malaita in the next four years.
A sub-group of the North Malaita Demonstration Committee had written to the Governor General last Thursday requesting that a constitutional pardon be granted to their jailed MP, Jimmy Lusibaea.

Supporters Seek Constitutional Pardon for Lusibaea

Jailed North Malaita MP Jimmy Lusibaea may have a shot at a constitutional pardon should his case be approved by the Prerogative Mercy Committee.
The Finance Minister said whatever legal views and interpretations Mr. Abana and TSI may have, the Attorney General is the principal legal advisor to the Solomon Islands Government.

Abana and TSI Must Explain: Lilo

Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, has called on the Opposition Leader Steve Abana and Transparency Solomon Islands to explain the legal basis for their claim that Cabinet abused its executive authority when it deliberated on the beche-der-mer issue.
"I would like to make this very clear to the people of this country, Minister Lilo as Acting Minister of Fisheries, did not compound the offence to Haizhen," Mr Lilo said.

Lilo Responds to Accusations

Minister of Finance and Treasury Gordon Darcy Lilo has lashed out at accusations of corruption leveled against him over the bêche-de-mer issue.
Mr Ashley says that the former North Malaita MP committed the criminal acts in September 2000, thus were within the Amnesty period.

Lusibaea Sues DPP

Charles Ashley of ANA Legal Services has revealed that he, on behalf of his high profile client Jimmy Lusibaea, is suing the Director of the Public Prosecutions, DPP, in a separate civil case.

Lusibaea is Covered by Amnesty Act, Says Lawyers

Lawyers for jailed Fisheries Minister, Jimmy Lusibaea, say they will apply for release from Police custody through a Prerogative Mercy Committee under the Amnesty Act.

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