Politics Archive December 2008

Businessman Suggests Option for Government Motion

The government should turn to the Prerogative of Mercy in its efforts to allow former Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza time instead of using the Parliament.

Parliament Passes Motion on Sir Allan

Parliament has passed a motion which sought Parliament to delay the time for which the Parliamentary seat of former prime minister Sir Allan Kemakeza is declared vacant until such time the Court of Appeal decides on his conviction.

Solomons Biggest Budget Passed in Parliament

National Parliament passed the country's biggest budget of over 4-billion dollars in its third reading yesterday.

Parliament Open Day a Great Experience

Opening the doors of the National Parliament is a welcome gesture for the general public to feel free in the big house.

Parliament Opens Its Doors to Public

The National Parliament of Solomon Islands, for the first time, opened its doors to the public on what is to be the first open day arranged for the big house.

Government Prioritise Reconciliation and Rehabilitation

The Government will give priority to reconciliation and rehabilitation in its 2009 $4.4 Billion Budget.

2009 Government Budget On An Increase

The Government's total Budget for 2009 stands at four point four billion dollars ($4.4 Billion SBD) representing a 27% increase on revenue and 23% on development estimates compared to the 2008 budget.

Malaita Chiefs Welcome Bill to Solve Tribal Land Dispute

The Malaita Traditional Governing Council of Chiefs (MTGCC) today welcomed the National Government's new approach to settle customary land disputes in the country.

Israel Looking to Establish Honorary Consul

Israel Ambassador, Michael Ronen in a Press Conference last week stated that the Israel government has issued a formal letter to the Solomon Islands government to establish an Honorary Consul of Israel in the Solomon Islands.

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