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Wale says his position is clear and that is, "MSG countries should not allow Bainimarama to control them."

MP Lashes Out at Fijian Leader

Member of Parliament for Aoke Langalanga Mathew Wale has lashed out at Fiji's Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, describing him as someone "who wants countries of the MSG to bow down to his demands."

We Will Pursue Federalism: PM

Prime Minister Danny Philip says his government is determined to see the country adopt a Federal Constitution.

PMO Disappointed with TSI

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) is disappointed with Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) for not qualifying the publication of the Parliamentary Entitlement Regulations (PER).

PM Attends Taiwan's 99th Anniversary

Prime Minister Danny Philip was among more than 200 foreign dignitaries who on Sunday attended the Republic of China 99th anniversary celebrations in Taipei.

Government Seeks to Boost Fisheries Sector

The Government Policy Statement has acknowledged the fact that the country is receiving very little in return for the extraction of its fish stock.
Prime Minister Philip encouraged citizens to "confront challenges and difficulties with courage, confidence and determination."

Government Launches Policy Document

The National Coalition for Reform and Advancement Government has finally launched its policy statement.
He says the Ministry will do all it can to "ensure that the provincial elections are held in December as required under law."

Provincial Elections Confirmed for Six Provinces

People in six provinces will go to the polls on December 6 to choose their Provincial assembly members.

Solomon's Ready to Forgive and Forget

Solomon Islands will introduce laws to pardon serious crimes - including murder - committed during the years of ethnic unrest that sparked a major Australian-led peacekeeping mission.
The trip is part of the new labor government's move to refocus and strengthen relations with the Pacific Islands.

Australia's Pacific Secretary Visits Solomon Islands

Australia's new Parliamentary Secretary for the Pacific, Richard Marles, will visit the Solomon Islands soon, in a familiarization trip of the region.

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