Politics Archive May 2020

The clarification comes amidst speculations in the social media.

Attorney General Clarifies 7 Exempted Persons

Attorney General John Muria Junior has clarified that the seven people that were exempted upon arrival during the first repatriation flight early this week were Australian based aircrew.
Police Uproot 121 Marijuana Plants

Police Uproot 121 Marijuana Plants

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at the Henderson Police Station and Aola Police Post have uprooted a total of 121 marijuana plants in the Jericho area of East Central Guadalcanal on 24 May 2020.
National Carrier Brings Solomon Islanders Home

National Carrier Brings Solomon Islanders Home

Solomon Airlines’ repatriation Flight IE663 took off from Brisbane Airport at 1.13pm today with 80 passengers pleased to be heading home to the Solomon Islands from throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Hon. Kenilorea states that, “The public service is by far the biggest employer in the country and their spending is what keeps businesses alive in these tough economic times."

Kenilorea: Public Service Must Not Be Sidelined

Hon Peter Kenilorea Jr, the MP for East Are Are, has called on the government not to sideline the public service. Kenilorea made this call following the announcement of the government’s stimulus package, which has been publicized at the same time as thousands of public servants are on leave with half-pay.
“I humbly ask you all for your support and cooperation to make this lockdown period successful. I am encouraging our citizens and all residents living in the Honiara Emergency Zone to observe the 36-hour lockdown of our Capital city seriously,” he said.

Consider Our Front Liners: PM Appeals to Citizens

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has appealed to citizens that feel their rights have been deprived as a result of the lockdown to think of the front liners that have sacrificed to protect our nation.
36 Hour Lockdown Starts 6pm Today

36 Hour Lockdown Starts 6pm Today

Below are important reminders for the 36-hour lockdown which starts today at 6pm and ends 6am Friday.
Wale Wants Clarity on Alligator Creek Poha Zone

Wale Wants Clarity on Alligator Creek Poha Zone

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale calls on the government to take note of the issue raised by the Chief Magistrate on the lack of coordinates for the boundary of the Emergency Zone which now also the area of focus for the upcoming lock down.

Galokale Ousted On Bribery Charges

The MP for South Choiseul Robertson Galokale has been ousted on bribery charges - an election petition was lodged by the former Premier of Choiseul Province, and a candidate in the 2019 national general elections, Jackson Kiloe.
Solomon Islands Attorney General (AG) John Muria Junior.

It’s Not a Mock Lockdown: AG Muria

Attorney General (AG) John Muria Junior has clarified that the lockdown is not a mock exercise.
“It is important that the government tests our capability so that we can identify our weaknesses and where we need to improve in the case that we have a confirm case in the country,” he said.

SPM Clarifies Why Lockdown is Necessary

The Government has clarified the question of ‘why it is necessary for a lockdown’.
"The country must be united in our plans against the Covid-19 pandemic and allowing politics or external pressure to stand in the way is not going to help anyone."

Wale Applauds MPGIS Minister For Reconciliation

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale applauds the government for backing down on plans to suspend the Malaita Provincial executive.

Seleso-Suidani Dialogue Cultivates Understanding and Way Forward

The face-to-face dialogue between the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional strengthening, Hon, Rollen Seleso and Malaita Premier Hon. Daniel Suidani Tuesday this week has improved the understanding of both parties in relation legal and administrative issues of concern to both parties.
An official statement outlining the outcomes of the meeting will be released soon.

Minister Seleso and Premier Suidani Resolve Differences

The Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS), Rollen Seleso and Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani have resolved recent differences during a meeting in Honiara yesterday.
“These figures show that vehicle drivers and owners are continuing to ignore the traffic rules," says Traffic Director Superintendent Satu.

Drink Driving Tops Traffic Violations in Honiara

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, (RSIPF) National Traffic Department have recorded a total of 49 traffic incidences in the period 1 to 7 May 2020 in Honiara. Compared to the previous week this is an increase of 26 cases.

Leader of Opposition Downplays Threats of Police Investigation

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has dismissed the statement by the Prime Minister’s office that they are referring him to the police for investigation under the emergency Covid-19 regulations.
“Such action is strongly condemned as it does not reflect our traditional and Christian values of which our families, communities and this country strongly hold,” Maelanga said.

Malaita Leaders Denounce Offensive Video, Offers Apology Through Traditional Shell Money

Malaitan MPs from the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) today, handed ‘Tafuliaes’ to the Prime Minister, his family and to the Government MPs from Choiseul and other constituencies in the Western Solomon region.
Police Investigates Attempted Armed Robbery

Police Investigates Attempted Armed Robbery

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at the Henderson Police Station are investigating an alleged attempted armed robbery incident which occurred at the Galego Resource Company Bahomea logging camp in Central Guadalcanal on 2 May 2020.
The letter does not in any way call for a suspension of the Malaita Provincial Government and that must be made clear.

Government Respond to Opposition Leader's Press Statement

The Leader of opposition is hereby advised by the Solomon Islands Government not to mislead or confuse the Public on the China-Taiwan issue as related to the Malaita Premier.
He adds that while reasons have been provided, it is hard to ignore the fact that the decision may be directly linked to the stance taken by Malaita Province against the government’s decision to enter into diplomatic ties with China and that those reasons may well be a smoke screen to hide the government’s real intentions.

Opposition Group Cautions Government

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale cautions the government against the threat to suspend the Malaita Provincial Executive.
“We are strongly opposed to PRC communist ideology and investment. The Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) understands that China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation has strong affiliation to the Chinese Communist Party CCP,” the Malaita Premier said in a statement.

“Do Not Ignore Auki Communique,” Malaita Premier Cautions Leaders

The Premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidani said he is disappointed to learn that a national MP saw it fit to bring in China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation - CECC - and conducted feasibility study on Malaita North East Road from Fouia to Manu.
Fono adds the clinic will no longer carryout normal services like tooth fillings, false teeth provision, extraction of non- painful tooth or tooth root.

Dental Service Available but for Emergency Only: HCC

Public dental health service in Honiara has been scaled down.
The OPMC says that the issue with MV Worship Light is "not COVID-19 related but a matter under the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration Act 2009."

Government Clarifies MV Worship Light Issue

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) wishes to clarify to the public that the MV Worship Light entry into the country did not breach any COVID-19 measures.