Prime Minister candidate for Pacific Casino's camp says the departure of Manasseh Sogavare to Heritage Park hotel camp is "not a threat but rather a concern."

Danny Philip says the group has been together since the start of lobbying.

Mr Phillip says that Manasseh Sogavare had been hoping for an elimination process to choose a candidate for prime minister.

He says such process never took place, which might have been the possible reason for his departure from the camp.

Meanwhile, Mr Phillip denies allegations the camp is influenced by outside people or business cronies.

He however acknowledges that certain prominent business individuals are within his camp.

He says what Sogavare had said in relation to the camp associated with prominent business people who have interest in government is just a way to justify his departure from the camp.

Mr Phillip states that if Mr Sogavare was given the opportunity to be prime minister he would not have left the group.

The Pacific Casino camp has confirmed they have the numbers on their side and the departure of Sogavare does not threaten their camp in taking over the next government.