Election officials have taken swift action to correct a printing error in the ballot papers for the Temotu Nende Constituency.

Election officials in Lata last week detected two candidates sharing the same symbol when they received election materials sent ahead of next week's National General Election.

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, said that the prompt action has resulted in new ballot papers being printed last night in preparation for dispatch on tomorrow's Saturday morning flight to Lata.

"The printer involved has told us that a computer error meant that the correct and approved ballot paper was changed and the wrong symbol given to one candidate," Mr Haununu said.

"I congratulate the officials in Temotu who identified the error and staff in Honiara quickly responded to get new ballot papers ready in less than 24 hours."

Mr Haununu said that despite continued bad weather in some parts of the country, election preparations were on track for printing remaining ballot papers and distributing election materials.

"While bad weather continues to make logistics and shipping very difficult in some provinces during this busy time, we are still confident that all constituencies will go to the polls on election day, Wednesday 4 August," Mr Haununu said.

"I call all voters to pray for good weather so that everyone can reach polling stations across the country and cast one vote in one place, where they are registered as a voter."

Mr Haununu reminded voters to make themselves aware of the single ballot box voting process by listening to the How to Vote drama on SIBC or by watching One News.

"It is important that everyone be aware of the difference between the single ballot box voting system and the multiple ballot box system, how to mark your ballot paper, the ink used to mark your finger and what activities are against the law," Mr Haununu said.

Source: Press Release, Electoral Commission