Longtime MP and a former Prime Minister Francis Billy Hilly has lost his seat to new comer Charles Sigoto.

Francis Billy Hilly CMG, born 20 July 1948, was the fourth Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands from 18 June 1993 to 7 November 1994.

Hilly was elected to the First Parliament in 1976 and was re-elected in 1980 to the Second Parliament, which sat until 1984.

He returned to Parliament in May 1993 and has been re-elected in every election since: in August 1997, December 2001, and April 2006. He was appointed Prime Minister after the 1993 election, but in October 1994 resigned following a vote of no-confidence in Parliament.

As results come in 12 former MPs have managed to retain their seats with only 4 new MPS declared winners. Most of the returning MPs are Ministers of the former C-NURA government led by Dr Derek Sikua.