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Opposition Warns the Police Commissioner Over Re-arming

The Police Commissioner's announcement that he will re-arm the police force is strongly opposed by the parliamentary Opposition.

Facilitation Act Will Not be Amended, says Maina

The Government special envoy to RAMSI, Michael Maina, stated in an interview with SIBC that the government would not amend the Facilitation Assistance Act.

MP Varian Lonamai joins Government

The Government has increased its numerical strength by one with the decision by Hon. Varian Lonamai to join the Grand Coalition.

No to Rearmament, says Guadalcanal MPA

A Member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly, Stephen Panga, has spoken out against plans by the Police Commissioner Jahir Khan to rearm certain units of the Solomon Islands Police Force.

Raid on Solicitor General's Office may Relate to Moti

A complaint lodged by an unknown source to the Police stated that certain people within the Judiciary are working against the lifting of the suspension order of Moti as Attorney General.

Khan Puts Aside USD$2.6 Million to Purchase Arms

Within less than a month in office, Police Commissioner Jahir Khan has made his position clear on the issue of rearmament.

RAMSI Review will Pave the Way Forward, says Oti

The Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is optimistic that the second report of the Pacific Islands Forum review of RAMSI would pave the way for the partnership to move forward.


The future role of RAMSI and whether it stays in the Solomon Islands, will be known soon, when the Government announces details of planned amendments towards end of this month.

RAMSI Review Must be Free and Fair: Sir Nathaniel

The Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, has called for a free and fair review of the operations of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Island, RAMSI.

Police Investigates Bribery Scandal

The Police Media Unit has confirmed on the SIBC that Police have received a report of the alleged bribery and investigations are underway. No charges have been laid as yet.

Western Province Prepares for Federalism

The Premier of Western Province, Alex Lokopio, stated that his government is in the process of setting up a State Management and Transitional Unit.

Forum Should Help in Direction of RAMSI: Dr Roughan

Dr John Roughan stated that since RAMSI is a regional initiative, the forum should continue to take a leading role in discussing the direction and activities of RAMSI.

Sogavare Acknowledges RAMSI's Work

While welcoming the forum review team to the Solomon Islands, Sogavare took time to acknowledge RAMSI's significant contribution towards law and order restoration in Solomon Islands.

Stick to SIG's Six Point Initiative: Sogavare

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare reminded the Forum review team that in its review of RAMSI, they must abide by the six-point initiative of the Solomon Islands government.

Forum Review Team Move to Phase Two

The Pacific Islands Forum Task force set up to review the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, has begun its second phase of the review starting yesterday.

Solomon Islanders Celebrate Queen's 81st Birthday

The 81st birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Second has been marked with a national holiday today, along with the usual Queen's birthday parade at Lawson Tama stadium.

Investigations Underway for Alleged Bribery

The Prime Minister has stated in a recent press conference that he has been assured by the Police Commissioner Jahir Khan that they will look into the bribery scandal.


Neither Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare nor the Opposition Leader, Fred Fono, is prepared to name the Minister alleged to be involved in the bribery claim.

Acting AG Extends Contract

The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare revealed in a press conference yesterday that the acting Attorney Genera'ls contract has been extended for a further six months.

Commissioner Khan Welcomed with Parade

The Solomon Islands Police Force welcomed the country's new police Commissioner Jahir Khan with a parade at Rove field yesterday.

Sogavare Launches Constitutional Congress

The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare yesterday launched a Constitutional Congress to assist in the finalization of the Draft Federal Constitution.

Civil Society Group to Meet PM

Civil Society Groups in Solomon Islands have unanimously agreed over the weekend to accept the Prime Minister's invitation to discuss issues they are concerned about.

It Was Not a Bribe, says Fono

The Opposition Leader Fred Fono has confirmed that the Opposition did assist a certain government minister when he requested financial assistance to have his son educated in New Zealand.

Parliamentary Secretaries are Established Legally: PM

The Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, is defiant that the appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries is constitutional.

Youth Parliament Proposed for Solomon Islands

The Research officer in the Prime Minister's office, Christopher Waiwori, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Women and Children are organising a Youth Parliament.

Khan Vows to Tackle Corruption within Police

Police Commissioner Khan stated in an interview with Fijilive that he is ready to take up the challenge in leading the Solomon Islands Police Force.

PSC to Face Tribunal over Moti Saga

The Chairman and members of the Public Service Commission are taken to task for their stance in the appointment and suspension of Moti for the Attorney General's position.

Dolphin Capture Sparks International Outrage

The capture of 20 wild dolphins in the Solomon Islands has sparked fears among environmental groups, both locally and abroad, that the government will overturn a ban on dolphin exports.

Huniehu Challenges Government Appointments in Court

Chairman of the Parliamentary Bills and Legislation Committee is challenging the Sogavare-government on the appointments of the 10 parliamentary secretaries and the new Police Commissioner.

Free Public Seminar on Corruption

A free public seminar, jointly organised by Transparency Solomon Islands T-S-I and the Winds of Change W-O-C, will thoroughly examine the issue of corruption in Solomon Islands and Kenya.

SBD$50,000 Bribe Offered to Government Minister

A senior government Minister revealed that a SBD$50,000 (US$7143.00) cash bribe was allegedly offered to him by the Opposition camp.

Premier of Central Province Resigns

Reports from the SIBC has stated that the Premier of Central Islands province, Charles Kunu, has resigned after being in office for just over three months.

Sogavare Willing to Meet Civil Society Group

While welcoming the planned protest by the Civil Society group, Sogavare has stated that he is also willing to have a private audience with the group.

PAP Formally Withdraws from Opposition

A report from the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Co-operation (SIBC) stated that the People's Alliance Party, PAP, has withdrawn its support from the Parliamentary Opposition.

Government is Trying to Weaken Opposition, says Huniehu

Opposition spokesman, Edward Huniehu, says the Sogavare Government's move to create parliamentary secretaries is a strategy to weaken the opposition and remain in power.

Parliamentary Positions Unconstitutional: Sir Peter

Speaker of the Solomon Islands Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, says that the Government's move to create parliamentary secretary positions for MPs would be in breach of the Constitution.

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