Making craft out of debris on the streets is something short of one's imagination.

No one would have thought that empty packets of plastics strewn and lying all over the grounds could become something so beautiful to the eyes.

Solomon Times caught up with Nosie Duri who collects rubbish as part of her art work in 'putting together bits and pieces' to create beautiful, and not to mention creative, displays.

"These are pieces of lollypop plastics, empty packets of noodles, twisties, biscuits, you name it, lying on all over the streets," Mrs. Duri said.

She said that combining colours from different types of plastic brings to life what are regarded as debris left to burn.

"It's something I do for fun and I am making money out of it," Mrs. Duri said, adding that this has always been something she enjoyed, giving way to creativity in everything.

"It is use of imagination and so many people around Honiara can be just as creative," she said.

Asked how she puts all the pieces together, Mrs. Duri explained that she would just "mix and match" the various empty packets of plastics.

"Solomon Islanders are known to be naturally skilled in arts so this is something that many people can do for fun and at the same time earn some pocket money," she added.

She said that her displays should encourage others to take on the initiative in putting their talents to good use.