While it is difficult for many to admit, abusive words are quite common in many household in the Solomon Islands, having a huge negative impact on young children.

Speaking with a single father, Andy Dola, who is also a teacher by profession, he said that it is often very sad to hear young children scream out abusive words at each other. "It only reflects what goes on at home," said Dola.

He said that being young and innocent they are easily influenced so "it is very important that we, as parents, are conscious of what we say to them."

Mr. Dola said that some children use the words because of lack of discipline by their own parents. "For many parents in the Solomon Islands, it seems very normal to speak bad language in front of our kids...we need to reverse this trend, teach them the right things to do," he said.

Mr. Dola said that the young children are still at school, and "we do not want them to use such bad words to other students or teachers, and the other thing is, the teachers would blame the parents for the child's attitude...not a very good reflection on the parent."