A meeting has formally agreed on the new rates of bus fares in Honiara.

City Clerk, Joseph Huta initiated the meeting yesterday where it agreed on the new rates of SBD$4.00 for adults and SBD$2.00 for students and children with immediate effect.

But the President of Honiara Bus Company Limited, Geoffrey Faisi Samuel told the meeting that the new rates are interim.

Mr. Samuel said representatives of the company agreed to the rate on the grounds that the government will come in to meet certain conditions to be put to them.

He acknowledged the open-mindedness of representatives of the national government at the meeting in understanding the position of the company.

The meeting openly discussed various other issues related to the recent increase of bus fares in Honiara.

Chairman of the meeting, City Clerk, Mr. Huta said he was happy the meeting concluded with a common understanding among all stakeholders.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers, SINUW, has called for a general boycott of the new bus fare increase.

SINUW General Secretary, Tony Kagovai described the increase as "unfair, unrealistic and absolutely excessive".

The announcement on the fare hike has caused public reaction in Honiara.