Responsible authorities are called on to recognize the need to set up a venue for women to establish themselves in their field of interest.

The call comes amidst orders for a small group of women who sell baskets at the Art Gallery to vacate the premises.

In an interview with Solomon Times, the women said that the authorities seem to be ignorant of the fact that what they are doing is their only means for survival.

"They are calling for us to vacate the area but give us no alternative place to go," they said.

A representative of the group said that the call upsets them as a small group of women who are working hard to make ends meet.

"What we are doing does not only benefit us but also a promotion to our country's cultural pride in arts and craft," she told Solomon Times.

Solomon Times understands that the Minister of Culture and Tourism made the orders recently.

"We are calling on the Minister of Culture and Tourism to be more upfront on his decision for us not to sell our goods in area," the women said.

An attempt to get a comment from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was not successful.