The new Acting Police Commissioner for Solomon Islands Police Force was sworn in.

Peter Marshall was sworn in as the country's new Acting Police Commissioner by the Governor General of the Solomon Islands, Sir Nathaniel Waena, at a ceremony held at Government House yesterday.

Acting Commissioner Marshall is a career police officer with over 35 years experience across all areas of policing.

His distinguished career began in 1972 and he progressed through ranks until he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of New Zealand Police in January 2004.

The New Zealand Police is a national law enforcement agency with over 10,000 personnel. Mr Marshall was the third most senior member of that organisation.

Acting Commissioner Marshall accepted the Deputy Commissioner of Operations position with the Solomon Islands Police Force in February 2007 and has acted temporarily as Commissioner on several occasions.

Acting Commissioner Marshall was integral in leading the police response to the tsunami and more recently during Operation Parliament.

Speaking after yesterday's swearing in ceremony, Acting Commissioner Marshall said that he is very enthusiastic and will be continuing to lead the Solomon Islands Police Force is a positive direction.

"I am very grateful to be the new Acting Commissioner. I will not be sitting on my hands in this position. I will be leading the Police and progressing matters in a timely manner.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 17 months in the Solomon Islands and look forward to the future successes of our Police Force, an organisation I have become increasingly proud of," he said.

The length of time the Acting Commissioner will undertake this role is a decision for the Solomon Islands Government.