With the sky rocketing prices in Honiara many are still confused as to what was the cause.

Talking randomly with people on the streets, many are blaming the government for doing little to curb this worrying trend.

Speaking with Solomon Times Ms. Ellie Losaline, an unemployed mother of two said that "it is not a good sign that sea fares are rising as it will further affect the supply of goods reaching Honiara." "I think that our government should try and intervene as it may affect food supply coming in from the provinces."

Ms. Losaline said that since the cost of fuel is "hard to control" the government should look at ways to control the high price of food, such as local production. "I think that is something the government can control."

The strain on average families caused by the sudden spike in inflation is all the more telling as jobs become scarcer. "It is quite difficult to imagine what the future would be like for my child...things are getting difficult everyday."