With Our Telekom strike still ongoing and government workers threatening to take a nationwide strike this week, workers of a local security firm in Honiara are also expressing grievances in their field.

Workers of the Solomon Security Services security firm claim that pay rise promised has not been forthcoming.

Leslie Mete said that the Solomon Security Services had promised pay rise "but we have waited for almost a year now only to see nothing."

Mr. Mete said that with price hiking almost every month in Honiara, "our package does not cater to make ends meet".

Another disgruntled security, Osborne Tanunah of Western Province echoed similar sentiments adding "we would not be complaining if our pay is reasonable to meet the high cost of living".

Mr. Tanunah said that as securities, "we are risking our lives every time we work and it is not fair when the pay does not justify our safety".

Securities are urging responsible authorities to deal with the issue.