The decision by indigenous Our Telekom workers to continue with their strike action despite Government efforts to have them return to work has caused concern among Honiara residents.

Senior Government officials tried to get workers to return to work Friday last week, three days into the worker's strike, but were told by the workers that they would only return to work if the company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Martyn Robinson is removed from his office.

Speaking to Solomon Times, a concerned Honiara resident, Mr Barry Samson said he feared that the continuing strike by the workers of the country's only national telecommunications company would cause the country's economy to 'stand still'.

Mr Samson said already there are indications that if the Telekom workers continue with their strike action, there is a real possibility of disruptions to the country's domestic and international air services which are vital to the country's economy.

He said it is important that something is done about the company's current impasse before there is a total shut down of the country's telecommunications services.

Meanwhile an extra-ordinary meeting was held by the Our Telekom board, to discuss the demands by the company's indigenous workers.

However, in a recently released press statement, the Local Telekom employees have vowed that they will continue with their strike action as long as the Telekom Board continues to ignore their demand for the removal of the company's Chief Executive.