Six Engineers from Our Telekom Engineering Department received four days training course on Fiber Optic Construction and Test Equipment at the Telekom Training Centre, Ranadi last week.

The training was jointly organised by Our Telekom Engineering Operations Department and Talisker Trading Company Limited from New Zealand.

The training was conducted by Mr. James Cowcher from Australia and Trevor Hughes from New Zealand of Taliska Company Limited.

Fiber Optics are specially constructed cables and their cores are made of glass as a media to sending information from one end to another. They are constructed this way to provide greater bandwidth and fast sending signals and information and needs special skills to handle.

The training covered all the needed skills the engineers required to use in fibre work. They learn to splice using the splicing machine, testing using the OTDR, power and light source meters and handling practice especially in a working network.

According to Our Telekom Senior Engineering officer Mr. Lawrence Samani the course was well presented.

"There were a lot of interactions between the instructors and the participants which makes the training more interesting and exciting. A lot has been learnt from the training and it should be made available to other engineers who needed it but were not able to attend because of limited space," he said.

In completing the Fiber Optic Construction and Test Equipment training course, the participants are expected to be practically able to do fiber joining (splicing), fiber preparation, detect fiber faults and be able to use various fiber test and construction equipments.