The Leadership Code Commission (LCC) is disappointed with the delay by responsible authorities to appoint Commissioners.

The secretary to the LCC, Desma Regatule, said the appointments have been long over-due, almost by five months.

"Five months is too long. We have to investigate complaints and without commissioners... we cannot do that."

With the recent re-appointment of Gideon Zoleveke (Jr, and that of Father Albert Manera, the Commission will now start investigating complaints made by the public.
Mrs. Desma however was disappointed because the public may see the lack of action by LCC as failures on the part of the LCC.

Desma said she had written letters to the Nominating Committees months before the terms of the two commissioners expired last year. She said the political crisis the country went through last year had placed the re-appointment of the Commissioners as second priority.

She was however disappointed with the nominating committees, made up of the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Attorney General and the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, for failure to respond quickly to their request when the political situation was sorted out.

She said there has been a backlog of about 25-30 complaints since January and with the appointment, Commissioners will soon sit to hear cases. She said the complaints mostly affected are the ones before the courts, since the courts will wait for the recommendation of the commission to make rulings.