Solomon Times met up with a group of people early yesterday morning standing in front of the ITA building opposite the main market of Honiara.

Mr. Daniel Kiko, one of the bystanders, said that a mentally ill man was picking up bricks and stones and shooting vehicles that went past.

Mr. Kiko said that the man also tried to beat up a woman in front of the ITA building which attracted a lot of people.

He said that many feared going close to where he was, "because he was also chasing students and other people," Solomon Times was told.

He said that before he tried to beat up the young lady, he tossed a garbage bin in front of the building, "by doing that another man from the crowd tried to talk some sense into him and he got aggressive and tried to beat up the young lady."

Mr. Kiko said that those people with mental illness should be taken care of, "the government should think seriously about what to do with them."

He said that they should not be let out to walk free in town, because they are mentally unstable making them very unpredictable.