With the country's 30th independence anniversary just around the corner, Solomon Islanders are looking forward to see the biggest trade show staged in the capital city.

A visit to the trade show site, Solomon Times observed thatched houses line the grounds with different designs and excitement abuzz.

In an interview with Solomon Times, Henry Sade said that compared to past trade shows, "this year's show is going to be the biggest to mark the country's 30 years of independence".

Mr. Sade works for the Hedley Toata furniture and will be among many businesses showcasing their products.

The trade show will officially open on 1st July "so all houses for the stalls should be ready by this weekend".

"I have seen boats coming from the provinces packed with people from the rural areas wanting to be in the capital to be part of all the celebrations," he said.

Mr. Sade said that as an individual "I am just as excited because this is a huge event that is bringing together people from all the nine provinces to be in one place to have a good time".

Solomon Times understands that the 30th anniversary celebration is not only attracting locals but also dignitaries from abroad.

"This is a time when everyone will see Solomon Islanders come together as one people," Mr. Sade said.

The trade show will comprise of various activities and people will be given the opportunity to showcase their many talents and creativity.