People of the Solomons are breathing a huge sigh of relief as Telekom workers end their week-long protest.

Citizens have experienced the impact of the strike with certain services being affected since Friday last week.

In a random interview, Solomon Times was able to gather various but similar reactions to the nationwide strike of Solomon Islands only telecommunication company.

Clement Tolia said that news of the strike coming to an end was a huge relief "because communication is vital and all lines were affected not just for within but also for international calls."

"Not only that but when the emergency lines got cut, that was a bad signal for worried citizens," Mr. Tolia added.

He described the move to return to work as "a responsible act".

Similar sentiments were echoed by mother of three, Kaylin Livo who said the strike caused "great fear to most people who rely on communications".

"It is better that Martin Robinson had considered the situations placed on citizens and had handled the whole chaos in a responsible manner in the first place rather than having people worried," Mrs. Livo said.

The nation now moves with a peace of mind with assurance of better communication as they look forward to days of celebrations ahead.