Parents and club owners are blamed for increase on under-age night clubbing.

Speaking to Solomon Times, a young woman, Mary Naga said that although youths may be stubborn, it is the responsibility of parents to be firm on them.

"Discipline is vital for youths these days and if parents make the excuse that it is hard to talk to young ones nowadays, who else will these youths listen to," Ms. Naga questioned.

She said the sight of "underage high school students flooding the clubs" is now becoming so common that it is worrying for the new generation of the country.

"Someone told me of an incident of a young form three student who was acting like a young girl twice her age on the dance floor. When asked who was with her, the young child pointed out her friends who were of no crowd for someone so young," Ms. Naga said.

She said that these are young children who should be worried about their education but instead get themselves involved in adult activities at a very young age.

"The blame should not be on the young ones, but more the adults who should be responsible to carry out discipline on them," Ms. Naga said. "Parents should be more firm in disciplining their children."

In measures to cut back on underage clubbing in Honiara, the former Commissioner of Police Jahir Khan had a meeting with club owners on enforcing rules to discourage underage clubbing.

"Club owners were given a clear briefing about underage clubbing so they are also to be blamed for not being strict," Ms. Naga said.

She said that the club owners are only worried about making money and do not care about the damage they are causing the young children.

"These club owners are not thinking of the consequences this will have on the young children, which will affect the future of the country's welfare."

Ms. Naga said that parents should really consider imposing strong discipline at an early stage to help curb the increasing rebellion among the young generation.

"Parents should realize that strong discipline at an early stage will build a strong foundation for the children's future," she said.