To be employed does not come easy for the growing unemployed youths of Solomon Islands.

Most youths approached said that even for a form seven drop-out, securing a good job is very hard these days.

"Most in the end would just have to settle for housekeeping job, babysitters, gardeners and other jobs that does not have any foundation for a promising future," Solomon Times was told.

It was revealed that one in ten would be lucky to find a good job that is worth the high cost of living in the country, especially for the high school drop-outs.

Youths state that even as a form five, six or seven drop-out some years back, "you can get a good job".

Speaking with a young lady, Mena Shanel agreed with the rest that to get a good job these in the Solomons, "you need to have the right qualifications".

Ms. Shanel said that most youths nowadays walk in shops and ask if there is anything to do.

"Some shop owners would give a day's job for someone that need help, like digging drains, painting and other small jobs to help the person who is in need for cash," she said.

Ms. Shanel told Solomon Times that some people can be more generous and employ anyone to work at their homes or businesses, but others are not that good.

"Even jobs like securities, business people are now looking more for those linked with proper organizations instead of the usual hand-picking from the public."

Ms. Shanel said that she has taken the initiative to take computer classes in light of the growing demand for qualifications in workplaces.

"I want a job that will build me professionally and getting my qualification in computing will help me in any field I choose to apply for, where I can stand on my own two feet," she said.

Ms. Shanel told Solomon Times that some participants in the course do small jobs on the side to help meet their fees.