Our Telekom company indigenous workers have stopped work as of 4.30pm yesterday afternoon for an indefinite period.

As reported in the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation, SIBC, Pacific Lawyers Billy Titiulu, who is representing the workers, says that the workers have instructed him to advise the Trade Disputes Panel that they have withdrawn their referral to the Panel.

In a letter to the Secretary of the Trade Disputes Panel, Mr. Titiulu says the workers case against Our Telekom, taken to the Trade Disputes Panel on May 23 of this year, has been withdrawn.

Mr. Titiulu says in view of the latest developments all indigenous workers of Our Telekom Company have now gone on strike as of 4.30pm yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Titiulu did not explain the reason for the strike action by the workers, although it is understood that the disagreement arose over the composition of Our Telekom's representatives in the hearing of the dispute.

Amongst the log of demands by the workers is the removal of the General Manager of Our Telekom, Martyn Robinson.

With the latest turn of events many within the business community are bracing themselves for the likely consequences. It has been reported that banks in Honiara went offline yesterday because of some delays within the troubled telecommunications company.