The Asia Pacific Regional Human Development will launch its "Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives" report at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel today.

The report will be officially launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Fred Fono.

The report shows ways in which governments and citizens all through the Asia-Pacific can tackle corruption together.

By tackling corruption, they are focusing on areas which impact daily life such as health, education, justice and natural resources.

The program to be launched has been developed over more than 18 months and stakeholders and experts from all over Asia-Pacific countries has identified corruption as one of the most concerning issue for the region.

In 2006 and 2007, the Regional Human Development Unit located in the UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo held a number of consultations with stakeholders throughout the Asia Pacific, including a consultation with Pacific stakeholders in November 2006 in Suva.

The report was said to be the latest in the series of Human Development Reports focused on the Asia-Pacific region.

It is going to be the first report on 'Trade in Human Terms', since 2006 when reports evolve into a regular series.

The reports will also provide continuing analysis of critical development issues relevant at both the regional and country levels.