A former M-P for East Kwaio, Alfred Sasako warns of a possible public disorder in the not too distant future if ever increasing prices of goods are not controlled.

Mr. Sasako says the possibility of theft, robbery and other offenses related to high costs of goods will increase.

He suggests that the government establish an independent body to receive, analyse, approve or reject any increase of prices on goods and services.

Mr. Sasako says this body should be given powers to investigate and prosecute companies that increase their prices without the approval of the body.

He says companies should apply through this body for any increase of goods and services they provide.

Mr. Sasako says the body should absorb the functions of the Price Control unit because the Unit seems not to be working to the best interest of the public.

He says many people in urban and rural areas are being affected by continuing increases of prices.

Mr. Sasako says workers don't normally get salary increases while goods prices are increasing on a daily basis.

He says people in Honiara are even finding it harder now after bus fares were increased to five dollars.