Police from the Kukum Traffic Centre are seeking assistance from the public to the whereabouts of a police motorcycle that was stolen in early May.

An investigation into the theft of the police motorcycle discovered that it was wheeled from behind Kukum Traffic Centre and then taken up Ropi Road. From there, the motorcycle was wheeled along the St Nicholas School road down to the main road near the Bahai Centre before ending up at Lawson Tama.

Police believe the ignition was hot-wired near Lawson Tama and then taken up Kola Ridge Road. The offender was then seen heading towards East Honiara.

Police have received a number of reported sightings of the motorcycle in the last four weeks travelling at night without lights. Police say that this dangerous practice has nearly caused several traffic accidents.

The stolen motorcycle is a blue Yamaha with police chequered markings and a government number plate. Police say that it is possible the offender has removed the chequered markings and number plate.

Police have appealed to members of the public to contact the Kukum Traffic Centre on 22336 should they have any information on the theft or current location of the motorcycle.