Drinking Kwaso is fast becoming a problem affecting young people in the Solomon Islands and, according to community workers, it is getting worse.

Kwaso, a home made brew, is cheap for those who are unemployed and is usually sold through the Black markets in various locations in Honiara.

What makes Kwaso appealing is its affordability and high alcohol content. Solomon Times was told that its percentage is much higher than spirits.

"Not knowing the alcohol content makes it dangerous...it is not a proper drink, it is quite dangerous," said a young man, Mr. Joel Mani.

Mr. Mani said that he used to drink Kwaso but he stopped after he was admitted to hospital "it was a scary experience, I just remember drinking Kwaso...and then I felt a burning sensation in my stomach...next thing I knew I was in hospital."

"I want something to be done to stop the brewing and selling of the drink, it is a real killer."

Mr. Mani said that a number of people had died from the cause of drinking kwaso, "and that is why it has to be stopped," said Mr. Mani.