The Honiara City Council (HCC) Clerk Joseph Huta said that despite taking over the running of the Multipurpose Hall the HCC will not disrupt any sporting activities taking place in the Hall.

Mr. Huta said that the Honiara town council has taken back the Multipurpose hall because of the poor management practiced in the hall.

He said that National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) were given a lease to look after the Multipurpose hall in 2003 "but there has been continuous neglect in terms of daily maintenance."

"Now that we have taken possession of the Multipurpose hall we will try and renovate it and manage it properly" Mr. Huta said. "NOCSI also hasn't paid some of their rentals for five years now."

Mr. Huta said that the administration of the Multipurpose hall will be done by Honiara city council, "Multipurpose hall belongs to the people of Honiara and therefore it should be a place where it is kept clean at all times...we want it to be a place where families can go to during the weekends and enjoy sporting activities."

Huta said that the HCC will soon hold a meeting to make plans for when to start the renovation of the hall.