Bus drivers describe the move to increase bus fare from $3 to $5 as "a relief".

"This increase will help boost revenue for bus owners because all fuel stations in town now charge $12 per liter and we find it very expensive," bus conductor, Mr. Solo said.

He said that the "good people" of Solomon Islands should understand the situation, as there is no profit for the business in charging $3.

"Price has increased drastically on everything from fuel to vehicle spare parts and we need the money in order to keep the business going," he added.

Another bus driver approached, Tom Boura said that while it may seem expensive to pay for $5 bus fare, it is also very expensive to maintain the business when there is no profit.

"Now with the increase effective, we make over a hundred dollars in just the second trip through town and that is satisfying compared to the past less intake of $50-$60 on our second trips through town," Mr. Boura said.

He stressed that the public need the transport businesses to be operational because they are relying on the buses to take them places.

"If we cease to operate because our business is not making ends meet, then it will affect the general traveling public," Mr. Boura said.

Solomon Times understand that bus fare increase is effective as of this new month, June.