Solomon Islanders are called on to help reduce the increasing pollution happening around the globe.

Set on the theme: Kick the habit towards a low carbon economy, this year's World Environment Day urged everyone to be weary of human activities that contribute to environmental disasters.

A strong message from the United Nations Environment Program was delivered today for countries, companies and communities worldwide to help reduce increased world pollution.

"Solomon Islands is one country that contributes to pollution to the environment and it is time that citizens do something to put a stop to it," states an NGO representative, William Atu.

He said that continuous deforestation happening in the country contributes to the climate change.

"There should be ways where we could help keep the environment for the future generation to enjoy," Mr. Atu said.

He highlighted that Solomon Islands is known to have the dirtiest capital and urged people to refrain from the habit of throwing rubbish all over the place.

"Rubbish bins are placed along the roads for everyone to use instead of littering the city," Mr. Atu said.

He said that this year's message for the event is that "man has created a global problem and man also has the solution to fix the problem".

"There are many ways where we can work together to help reduce the polluted environment," Mr. Atu said.