People of Solomon Islands are known for their natural ability in arts and crafts.

This however is not evident because of the tendency that people often shy away from displaying talents in public.

"We have a lot of very talented people, especially among the youths, but they just do not have the opportunity to show to the public their capabilities," Janet Mae of Malaita Province said.

She said that people are complaining that money does not come easy but yet, they are not doing much to make ends meet.

"Our people need to realize that with their talent, they can create anything and sell them for good money," Ms. Mae said.

She reasoned that lack of confidence is a contributing factor to why people do not put an effort in exposing their talents.

"We have the tendency to be modest about displaying what we are really good at to public," Ms. Mae said.

She said that many people are instead just content with selling other things like betel nuts and cigarettes when they can make more money out of their skills and talents.

"We are so conscious of what other people may say but that attitude needs to change if we are to survive the increasingly hard life faced in our country," Ms. Mae said.