Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, described the three-nation tour as "a success".

In a press conference today, Prime Minister Sikua, who arrived early this morning, said the triple tour is "largely a symbolic one for the government to reassure the neighbouring countries that Solomon Islands values its relations with them".

The Prime Minister met with his counterparts in Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

"We would also like to engage with them through dialogue and consultation," said Dr. Sikua.

He also took the opportunity to express his regrets for any misunderstanding and differences that may have happened during the time of the previous Solomon Islands Government.

"... I believe it is culturally the right thing to do when you are dealing with very close friends and members of the Pacific Islands family," said Prime Minister Sikua.

During his recent visit, Dr. Sikua briefly outlined the priorities of the government's new policy.

He said that his meeting with the three Prime Ministers has been very positive and "they have shown a lot of goodwill, understanding and support".

"The visit has also created an opportunity for further dialogue and consultation on matters of mutual interest and concern," Prime Minister Sikua informed the press conference.

Meanwhile, the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is intending to pay a visit to Solomon Islands in early March.

The press conference was told that the visit is to follow up on some of the discussed issues during Dr. Sikua's visit.

"I have also extended an invitation to Prime Minister, Helen Clark, to visit Honiara," the Prime Minister said.

Dr. Sikua said that as a Prime Minister, the visit has helped him to establish a personal friendship with his counterparts.