The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF), with the assistance of their RAMSI Participating Police Force (PPF) counterparts, has successfully responded to villagers' concerns about crocodiles threatening their villages in the Gizo area last week.

A total of four crocodiles were caught in the operation that lasted four days and involved a number of police and local guides from Nimu Nimu, Buki and Bui Bui village areas.

PPF Advisor Carey, who was part of the operation, said that he was pleased to be able to work with his Solomon Islands counterpart to assist the villagers. "Keeping villagers safe from harm is part of our work here in Solomon Islands and so I feel very pleased to be able to help where I am needed," he said. "These crocodiles were threatening the villagers. They asked for our help and we responded immediately."

He said that Chief Selwyn Tagini from Nimu Nimu village had reported to police that the village was having problems with two crocodiles in the area. "The animals were living in the mangroves on the southern side of the village and had usually been seen in the early hours of the morning. So that was the time that our SIPF and PPF team decided to look for them."

Early the next day, the team traveled to the area where the crocodiles had been seen and successfully destroyed both animals. They were estimated to be between two and three metres long.
Later that day, at the request of the Bui Bui Village Chief Sam Vella, the team also destroyed another 3 metre crocodile, and then a 2 metre crocodile the day after that at the request of Chief John Rove from the Buki Village. "Each of the crocodiles were killed in deep and murky water," PPF Advisor Carey said. "But where we could find the carcasses of the animals, we returned them to the village."

RAMSI PPF Commander Denis McDermott said that protecting villages from dangerous animals is part of the business of the PPF. "The PPF is here to support the SIPF in keeping the people of the Solomon Islands safe from harm," he said. "When a village is threatened by a dangerous animal such as a crocodile, they should contact their local police and ask for help. We will do whatever we can to keep those people safe."