Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, in his trip to the Western Provincial capital Gizo, said that the government had clearly neglected its duty to its people.

"No amount of justification can ever be a good enough excuse for this gross neglect of a basic responsibility of government to its own people," said Dr. Sikua.

Dr. Sikua and his delegation visited many of the victims of the devastating tsunami who were, despite the promise of millions by the previous government, still taking shelter under makeshift tents.

Premier of Western Province, Alex Lokopio, used the occasion to press the government on the importance of assisting disaster-stricken people of both the Western and Choiseul provinces.

In response, Prime Minister Sikua promised SBD$15-million dollars within the next two weeks for the rehabilitation phase to commence in Western and Choiseul provinces.

The Prime Minister, however, highlighted the need to properly put in place mechanisms to ensure victims benefit from such assistance.

The mechanisms and details of how the funds will be administered were discussed between the Prime Minister and his delegation with the Western provincial executive.

The Prime Minister and his delegation will return to Honiara tomorrow morning.