A traffic incident this morning involving a prominent former Minister drew public attention to the crowded Honiara traffic.

It was said that the former Minister almost ran into a parked vehicle that was waiting for its passenger.

The matter was however solved when an agreement was reached between the other driver and the former leader.

Onlookers commented that the incident is only one of many, as vehicles squeeze in and out of Honiara city.

"There is just too many vehicles for our roads, and responsible authorities should consider making the roads wider, or something," a concerned public onlooker comments.

It's been noted that with narrow roads and during traffic peak hours, impatient drivers move carelessly and, more often than not, result in a traffic accident.

Despite efforts from Kukum Traffic Centre where police are continuously sending warnings to drivers on road rules, not much change has been noted with accidents of the same kind being repetitive.

A female office secretary, Wendy Mark, comments that loud music, especially from public transports, is another contributing factor.

Drivers on the road are urged to be careful, especially during peak traffic hours as vehicles make the most of the space offered on the roads.