Honiara City Council re-opened the Central Market underground pass after it was closed last year for 'wrong use' by people.

A man has been employed to watch the underground pass every day during use.

Speaking to Solomon Times, the security said damage often done to the underground pass includes littering and ruining the light bulbs.

"After little maintenance to damage done to the pass, it has been opened for public use last week," said the security.

He said that if people just use it the right way, it will make it easy both for traffic and pedestrians.

Speaking to the general public, a young student said that the underground pass is very important and people should not have such idea to spoil it.

"The underground pass is very important for people of Honiara and it is also for safety measures against heavy traffic," he said.

The young student stressed that with the capital now packed with vehicles, "the underground passes are put in place for a purpose" and not to vandalise.