The Honiara city council clerk, Mr. Joseph Huta, has revealed that a certain illegal practice has forced the city council to revisit its by-laws.

Mr. Huta revealed that while most of the business houses in Honiara have paid for collection fees, some are illegally tipping some of their drivers to priorities their garbage.

"A few drivers were caught, and as result we will be keeping a close eye on how garbage is collected," said Mr Huta. "We may also have by-laws to curb such practice."

"The council is planning to meet up with business houses on the matter so that they understand how the by-laws applies to them and hope they have a fair understanding of the need to work together to help keep Honiara clean," says Mr. Huta. "This is a problem that needs cooperation and support. We encourage business houses, or the public, to report any incidents of illegal tipping to our drivers."

Mr. Huta said that he hopes that, with the help of council's divisional heads, the new by-laws would have a positive effect, particularly to the residents of Honiara. "We need to make sure our capital city is clean, especially when there is a steady increase in tourists," said Mr. Huta.