Despite continuous torrential rain throughout the country, the status of sea traveling is 'on the safe side'.

Head of Search and Rescue, Jack Bana, informed Solomon Times that sea traveling is safe even though there has been advice from the Meteorological Service.

Mr. Bana said the rainy period is "normality of the weather pattern".

He said that no warnings have been issued to ships traveling to provinces, including canoes.

While it's deemed safe, Mr. Bana cautions traveling ships and canoes to take extra precaution.

He urged canoes to avoid overloading as it poses a high risk in open sea, and not to travel if there is lack of confidence facing the current weather at sea.

Mr. Bana stressed on the importance to report the time of departure and arrival, and to report the destination of journey.

He said that so far, there hasn't been any report on trouble at sea in light of the current wet weather.