The Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) Fire Service was called to attend a fire at a house near Mbokonera One area in Honiara.

The Fire Service and Police units responded quickly to reports of the fire but were unfortunately unable to save the house.

The fire spread throughout the small house and when the Fire Service and Police arrived, it was already completely burnt down.

Two children, a nine year old boy and a five year old girl, were in the house alone when the fire began but managed to escape without injury.

The Fire Service believes the fire started after a candle that was being used to light the house burned all the way down whilst the children slept. The candle then ignited other material and the fire spread.

Director of Fire Services, Chief Superintendent John Koloni, said the children were lucky to escape and this fire demonstrates how quickly a single candle can ignite an entire house.

"We believe the candle was sitting on some plastic and when it burned to the bottom the plastic caught alight. From here the fire spread rapidly throughout the house in a matter of minutes."

"This highlights the need for candles to be placed on metal or other materials that cannot catch on fire. All parents need to make sure that children understand the dangers of fire and ensure candles are put out before sleeping," he said.