A tribe from Malaita Province is embarking on a fundraising drive to help towards the building of the Kwai and Ngongosila church in north Malaita.

The Aniboni Tribe Association has been selling raffle tickets in the streets for five dollars per ticket.

Speaking to one of the street raffle ticket sellers, John Iro, he said that they have been selling tickets to some of the government offices.

"This is a church fundraising and we are only here in the streets on voluntary basis to help the church," said Mr. Iro.

He told Solomon Times that they are doing their last sale of tickets today, and the draw will take place live on-air on the national broadcaster, SIBC, tomorrow.

Mr. Iro said that there were fifty prizes to be drawn out tomorrow, the first prize being the cash amount of 10 thousand dollars.

He said that the tickets are selling fast because people are attracted to the first prize that is up for grabs.

"The Association's very happy to be helping out in this fundraising because it will help the church," Mr. Iro said.

One ticket buyer approached said he is just getting one for luck, and "if lucky to win first prize, I'd be very happy".