The community on the small island of Waringifau in Suafa Bay, North Malaita, are now enjoying fresh clean drinking water.

Waringifau community successfully applied to the Australian High Commission through its Direct Aid Program (DAP) for sustainable assistance.

The Australian High Commission's Second Secretary, Anthea Blaikie, visited the community last month, December, to see how successful the project had been.

Community leaders of Waringifau explained to Ms. Blaikie how they had to travel many hours each day by canoe through mangroves and onto the mainland in order to access fresh drinking water for the 100 people living in the village.

The three new aluminium water tanks allow the community to focus their efforts on agriculture and building their church as they no longer have to spend hours each day sourcing their water from the mainland.

Positioned strategically around the church and outer buildings, the three tanks were full with fresh, clean water.

In a statement, Ms. Blaikie said Australia is pleased to support projects such as the Waringifau water project.

"It was a real pleasure to see how much difference the water supply has made to Waringifau Island."

Ms. Blaikie added that it was an achievement for the leaders, women and children of Waringifau to see the DAP project successfully implemented and helping the community.

The Australian High Commission welcomes applications from other dedicated communities seeking to address humanitarian hardship through small scale community development projects, and will be considering the next round of applications in early 2008.